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Many of the greatest decisions I have made in my life are based on having fear of regrets.

So in 2013, in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the age of 27, I decided to move abroad to get some international working experience. I chose Vietnam so that I could also learn about my roots, culture and language.

I found not only what I call my passion but also mission in life. Leadership Coaching. Right here in Vietnam.

There are so many good people who struggle with their leadership which affect their teams and companies very negatively. This can and must change.

We cannot afford not to have great leaders and successful companies.

And fortunately there are so many simple, yet powerful tools and methods to apply to build dream teams and more successful businesses.

In this book I have shared my almost 9 years of leadership experience, how I along with my team, turned around a multi million dollar company, achieved highest revenue growth, excellent profitability and highest employee satisfaction.

I have shared my biggest challenges as a company leader, what I did, how (practically) and why it worked effectively.

This book will (with your support more likely) reach millions of people, leaders on different levels, with different backgrounds around the world.

Some readers will experience huge transformations from this book. Others might not experience the same, but still gain a few practical tools to apply that instantly creates an impactful difference.

The transformations could be on a personal level, professional or both.

That is my wish.

Get the book now. I can’t wait for you to read it and achieve amazing results.


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