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Go Global: An MSME's Guide to Global Franchising/kt0909

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Phi's 3rd book, Go Global, her first title published in English, is as a treasure trove of franchising wisdom and as the title intimates is full of practical advice that makes it a must read for any entrepreneur or small business owner who is considering using franchising to replicate the initial success they have achieved with their business.

Go Global is an amalgamation of Phi’s learnings from here years of hands-on experience as a senior executive in business format franchising responsible for business development and marketing across many markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Europe. This hands-on experience has also been reinforced by Phi’s recent experiences as an entrepreneur and one of the leading and most respected international franchise experts.

Go Global provides an initial introduction to the concept, history and present-day status of business format franchising in Chapter 1, to ensure the reader has a foundational understanding before the immersion into the key subject matter. Thereafter the book jumps right into the key subject matter and has 9 solid chapters of information, examples and checklists ideally suited in both content and chronology to help an entrepreneur or small business owner to understand the type of self-analysis and other key considerations that are critical to successfully transitioning their business to a successful franchise.

Go Global concludes with insights into the status of today’s quickly evolving business and industry environment and the leveling of the global marketplace as a result of connectivity and technology and the growing and positive socio-economic impact of franchising globally and shows that Phi already has her eye on what the future of franchising is going to look like.

This book is a compelling read not only for aspiring franchisors but also for existing franchisors and franchisees and anyone with a professional or academic interest in franchising.


* About the Author:

"Nguyen Phi Van holds an MBA from Australia majoring in marketing communication. Her experience spans over 20 years as a senior executive in brand, retail, and franchise development across global emerging markets in Asia, The Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. She is also board advisor at the Asia Pacific Chief Marketing Officer Council (CMO), board advisor at Saigon Innovation Hub, advisor of various government initiatives on franchising, 2015 award winner of Retail Leadership presented by Asia Retail Congress, 2017 award winner of Top 100 Great Global Retail Minds presented by World Retail Congress. Phi Van is the author of four books, “Advertising in Vietnam – An Insider’s View”, “Franchising for Startups – The Short Route to Global Markets”, “Cross The Rice Field, Reach The World”, and “Global Citizen Handbook”".


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